Interruption as Sales Opportunity – Yay or Nay?

You see a sales opportunity. Your customer sees an interruption. How to make the most of these touchpoints? Sales Renewal’s insight: Product updates are a natural customer touchpoint. A necessary notification is also, obviously, an opportunity to ask for a new order. Do you use those opportunities wisely? Three Things to Consider: To your customer, […]

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Yext and Collecting Customer Experiences

“No one says ‘let me tell you about a mediocre experience I had.'”

That’s what Jay Baer told Yext partners at the platform’s most recent Summit.

Jay is the author of “Hug Your Haters” and a proponent of of listening to your customers (whether they’re happy or not). And while we agree with him, we think collecting information on the mediocre is OK – especially if it is an important part of your service, it can (and probably should) inform your marketing message.

For example:

Maybe your customers don’t complain about your delivery service because you get it right so often, that’s exactly what they expect. Ho-hum? Hardly. “Deliveries You Don’t Have to Worry About” is a message worth sharing with customers and prospects.

We’re not taking exception to Baer’s statement, just augmenting it with the fact that that collecting run-of-the-mill information from your customers is as important as collecting the exceptional. How do you stay close to your customers? If you’d like to get more bang for your buck from your Yext account, or are looking for a more robust program of review management, contact us. We can help with that important piece of your overall marketing strategy.

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58% More Shoppers Called Businesses on Cyber Monday 2017 — What Should Marketers Do?

DT University at DialogTech uncovered inbound call volumes were 58% higher on Cyber Monday 2017 than average daily call volume. Learn more about the research. Sales Renewal’s insight: Timely reminder from our partner Dialogtech: “What starts online…doesn’t always stay online!” Regardless of your business, phone training for your frontline staff is fundamental to your success. […]

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Designing Content-First for a Better UX – GatherContent Blog

Why design content-first? Because content is UX. If the primary purpose of websites is to deliver valuable content to an audience, we should be designing content-first for the best possible UX. But we frequently miss the opportunity to validate and iterate our UX designs with content insights, instead waiting until the final stages to unite […]

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The Benefits of Installing SSL on Your Website

Google want all websites to switch from HTTP to HTTPS. The ultimate goal is to make the internet & websites safer and using SSL is a way of doing so. Sales Renewal’s insight: For several years now Google search results have shown more preference to websites that use HTTPS. (HTTPS is the secure version of […]

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2016 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study

This 2016 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark will allow you to discover how you measure up across 25 open, click-through, list churn and mobile metrics, plus get insights on: Industry-specific comparisons and geographic breakouts from across the world Device usage, holiday trends, transactional emails and engagement rates Benchmarks beyond “average, ” including median and top-performing quartiles […]

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How to Maximize Your Content Exposure on LinkedIn

Are you taking advantage of all LinkedIn’s content marketing features? Discover how to maximize your LinkedIn content exposure. Sales Renewal’s insight: If you’ve spent any time on LinkedIn, you’ve probably realized that it’s not always as clear cut as to the best way to use it for your business. That’s because at its core, it’s […]

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60 Facebook Advertising Mistakes that Make You Look like a Rookie

Protect your advertising ROI – here are 60 Facebook ad mistakes to avoid. Sales Renewal’s insight: Facebook advertising can be deceptively simple and straightforward. This article provides concrete examples of what not to do. Some takeaways: You need to have a compelling offer in order to stand out from the crowd; Take advantage of the […]

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