Yext and Collecting Customer Experiences

“No one says ‘let me tell you about a mediocre experience I had.'”

That’s what Jay Baer told Yext partners at the platform’s most recent Summit.

Baer is the author of “Hug Your Haters” and a proponent of of listening to your customers (whether they’re happy or not). And while we agree with him, we think collecting information on the mediocre is OK – especially if it’s an important part of your service, it can (and probably should) inform your marketing message.

Run-of-the-Mill Customer Input Is Also Valuable

Maybe your customers don’t complain about your delivery service because you get it right so often, that’s exactly what they expect. Ho-hum? Hardly. “Deliveries You Don’t Have to Worry About” is a message worth sharing with customers and prospects.

We’re not taking exception to Baer’s statement, just augmenting it by saying that collecting run-of-the-mill information from your customers is as important as collecting the exceptional.

How do you stay close to your customers?

If you’d like to get more bang for your buck from your Yext account, or are looking for a more robust program of review management, contact us. We can help you tune into your customers and their impressions of your company. That’s an important piece of your overall marketing strategy!

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