58% More Shoppers Called Businesses on Cyber Monday 2017 — What Should Marketers Do?

DT University at DialogTech uncovered inbound call volumes were 58% higher on Cyber Monday 2017 than average daily call volume. Learn more about the research.

Sales Renewal’s insight:

Timely reminder from our partner Dialogtech: “What starts online…doesn’t always stay online!” Regardless of your business, phone training for your frontline staff is fundamental to your success. This article offers a detailed insight based on recent data (from last week and this week!) and compares it to last year’s consumer calling behavior. It’s a highly recommended read – but if you’re too busy too read it (hey, ’tis the season) here are the 3 things we think most important now:

1- MAKE IT EASY FOR CUSTOMERS TO CALL! (If you don’t have click-to-call enabled on your site, get in touch with us, we can help!)

2 – FOCUS ON PRICE, SAVINGS, THEN VALUE – in that order. Holiday shoppers are more concerned about money than ever; but they called you, remember? So, they’re ready to buy…well-trained employees can close the sale when they understand the shopper’s needs, mindset AND the unique features and benefits of your products and services AND the advantages of doing business with you.

3- TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ALL YOUR DATA – if you’re watching your web and phone analytics, you can respond to trends and opportunities by making minor adjustments (even now, next week, and the week after) that will increase your Holiday sales THIS Holiday season.

We wish you a very sales-filled 2017 season!

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