3-Hour Marketing Consultation for 2022 Planning

Has your business ever faced as many challenges as it has the last two years? The pandemic, the supply chain, a growing, inflating economy, and the Great Resignation are some of the paradigm changers we’ve experienced.

Have your business strategies and marketing plans kept up with the changes? Or are you hoping your market, buyers, and competitors have not significantly changed, so you don’t need to either?

Are you willing to bet your business on it?

Sales Renewal is pleased to offer a complimentary three-hour marketing consultation to facilitate your 2022 planning:

  • 1-hour initial Zoom discussion to understand your 2022 business and marketing issues, thoughts & concerns
  • 1-hour of Sales Renewal’s independent investigation & research
  • 1-hour Zoom discussion of research results and our recommendations

The consultation provides an experienced, knowledgeable review of your 2022 business & marketing plans, a sounding board for your ideas and answers to any marketing- or strategy-related questions you may have.

There is no fee, but this no-obligation offer is limited to one company in January and one in February, each with at least $1M in annual revenue. Contact us to secure your spot before it’s gone.

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