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Increase your business revenue by outsourcing to an expert partner who shares the risk and reward The JointSourcing Solution™

A Complete, One-Stop Marketing Solution that Shares Risk & Reward

JointSourcing (“joint venture” + “insourcing”) is a complete, one-stop solution that delivers all the strategies, people and technology needed to grow your sales while sharing risk and reward.

JointSourcing saves you time & money as we insource and manage the hand-picked team, report to you and sweat the day-to-day details (so you don’t have to). Plus, JointSourcing's comprehensive, integrated marketing, that begins with a plan and is continuously improved via analytics, reduces costly mistakes and lowers the cost per lead or sale.

And unlike pay-for-performance marketing that only shares the reward, JointSourcing shares a portion of the reward and risk. Sales Renewal literally invests in your success and becomes your expert partner who strives to get the most bang for our mutual bucks. The result? Revenue goes up, while costs go down.


Shares the Reward and Risk     Complete, One-Stop Marketing Solution


Watch Keith Loris, Sales Renewal's president and C.E.O., explain how JointSourcing grows sales while sharing risk and reward during a recent interview by Radio Entrepreneurs:


0:00 - 0:14 Introduction

0:15 - 3:45 Overview of JointSourcing's general contractor and shared risk/reward model

3:46 - 4:54 Sales Renewal's genesis

4:55 - 6:37 Further explanation of JointSourcing

6:38 - 8:00 All JointSourcing deals are exclusive

8:00 - 9:08 What each party brings to the "joint venture table"

9:09 - 9:37 What's unique about JointSourcing?

9:38 - 12:05 Explanation of 3-Step Blueprint/Build/Sell process

12:06 - 13:00 The importance of ROI and Analytics

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