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How much should I invest in marketing?

Which Marketing Programs will be most effective?

You know you need to invest in marketing to grow your business. But with all the free advice out there, what’s a business owner to do? (try a Google search right now, and you’ll see that the advice is all over the map.)

How much damage might you do to your business by over or underinvesting in marketing? Underinvesting means your sales will not live up to their potential, you will grow slower, etc. Overinvesting means you’ll have a low Marketing ROI and lower overall business profitability.

Isn’t Your Business Worth A Small Investment in Expert Human Advice?

Sales Renewal has created our affordable, customized Marketing Investment Analysis to help businesses answer the three most common, initial questions asked of Sales Renewal:

  1. Am I investing the right amount in sales & marketing?
  2. Which marketing programs or tactics will be the most effective for me?
  3. How much should I invest in each?

A Marketing Investment Analysis asks you to answer 18 high-level questions and typically only takes 15-20 minutes to complete online.

Within 3 business days, Sales Renewal will deliver a 4-page, custom-to-your-business report with specific programmatic and budgetary recommendations for marketing your business. And unlike the simplistic, free analyses out there that are auto-generated by a software program, your Marketing Investment Analysis is prepared by our experienced B2B and B2C marketing experts.

18 Questions That Could Make or Break Your Business

The Sales Renewal Marketing Investment Analysis is composed of 18 high-level questions which typically take 10-15 minutes to answer online.

Based on those answers, Sales Renewal will formulate and deliver a set of sales & marketing recommendations specific to your business, including:

(1) the percent of revenue you should invest in sales and marketing overall,

(2) which specific marketing programs you should deploy and

(3) the budget levels for each of those programs, presented both as percentage of the overall marketing budget as well as their percentage of annual revenue. For example:

How should I budget my marketing programs?What percent of revenue should I spend on marketing?

questionnaire to create a marketing budget

FREE Marketing Investment Analysis


The Sales Renewal Marketing Investment Analysis is normally $250.

This month only, we’re giving away 3 FREE Marketing Investment Analysis reports. Send us your name and email using the form below, and we’ll send you a link to take the questionnaire.

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How the Marketing Investment Analysis Works


You take our Online Questionnaire

  • Takes 10-20 minutes to complete

We send you a 4-page, hand-crafted report

  • Recommendations specific to your business for percent of revenue to invest in marketing and sales
  • Specific programs to deploy at different budget levels

Timing & Cost

  • 3-business-day response
  • $250 (Can be credited towards future Sales Renewal projects)
  • No obligation to continue
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