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The Marketing Essentials Every Business Needs to Grow Their Sales

No matter where you turn, you’re bombarded by messages about the latest bandwagon you must jump on and absolute must-dos for marketing your business. Worse, every vendor you ask will try to convince you that their product or service is your salvation.

This one hour webinar cuts through the noise and offers an unbiased approach every business can use to quickly start growing their leads. Participants are introduced to the essential marketing programs all businesses need and will learn how to create and deploy a big-picture plan that pulls these different programs together. Smaller firms might find these marketing essentials sufficient for their business, while larger firms will be able to use these essentials as a solid foundation upon which to build (or as a checklist to see if they’ve missed something essential).

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The Marketing Essentials

Strategy, Analytics and Program Management Essentials

Start with high level plan to define your needed range of programs, skills and budget; the central role of the Sales Funnel (Buying Cycle); Use a quarterly plan for day-to-day tactics; Regularly benchmark using analytics.

Paid Marketing Essentials

Drive targeted traffic to your website with modest investments in search engine advertising; ways to convert more visitors to leads

In-Person Marketing Essentials

One of the most common marketing activities—with great power and great cost—that you need to start paying attention to.

Email Marketing Essentials

Use promotional email blasts to generate leads & sales and newsletters to move customers and prospects through the Sales Funnel; Setting up call-to-action autoresponders as a first step in lead nurturing.

Web Marketing and SEO Essentials

Keep your website content fresh and optimized for the most important keywords (on-page SEO); Where to look for inbound link opportunities (off-page SEO); The power of calls-to-action to generate leads; The importance of a consistent presence across the web; National & local listings.

Content Marketing Essentials

How to combine original content with insights offered on other people’s content (curated content) to make blogging easier and more frequent– the key to attracting and retaining customers; Content Marketing planning and Editorial Calendar.

Social Media & PR Essentials

How to select the right social networks for your business and your limited amount of time; Using social media to connect with prospects and customers.

Sales-Enabling Technology Essentials

The importance of installing web, phone, email and in-person analytics; websites, content management systems, site hosting, support.

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