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Marketing Seminars and Workshops

For Boston- and New England-Area Businesses

Businesses need proven marketing strategies to compete in today’s complex world, and also need to be able to stay on top of new and upcoming trends.

Sales Renewals loves to share its knowledge of marketing and sales-enabling technology and has developed a series of informative, hands-on programs relevant for small business owners and executives  interested in remaining competitive in today’s ever-changing environment.

These programs are appropriate for:

  • Hands-On Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Breakfast Programs
  • Special Events

We work with Chambers of Commerce, business associations and individual businesses in the greater Boston area to offer meaningful, action-oriented programs. We can also customize a seminar or workshop for staff training and even one-on-one coaching (see Flex Marketing). Content areas include Marketing Essentials, Exit Planning, Social Media, SEO, Marketing Analytics, and more.

Some of our most recent seminar partners:


Liquid Capital


Cambridge MA Chamber of Commerce

Concord Chamber of Commerce

Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce

And many others.

Popular Seminar Offerings

To read a description of our most popular seminar offerings, click on the title title or the + sign to the left. Please visit our News and Events page to find a seminar near you.
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The Marketing Essentials Every Business Needs to Grow Their Sales
No matter where you turn, you’re bombarded by messages about the latest bandwagon you must jump on and absolute must-dos for marketing your business. Worse, every vendor you ask will try to convince you that their product or service is your salvation.

This seminar cuts through the noise and offers an unbiased approach every business can use to quickly start growing their leads. Participants are introduced to the essential marketing programs all businesses need and will learn how to create and deploy a big-picture plan that pulls these different programs together into an integrated whole. Smaller firms might find these marketing essentials sufficient for their business, while larger firms will be able to use these essentials as a solid foundation upon which to build (or as a checklist to see if they’ve missed something essential).

You understand the power of continuous improvement for manufacturing, so why aren’t you doing the same with marketing?
Over the last decade, Marketing has been dramatically changed by the Web, Social Media, Smartphones, Apps and Big Data. Because most marketing problems today are multi-disciplinary, gone are the days where hiring an English major or a single tactic Agency (such as an advertising agency, website developer, PR agency, SEO firm, tradeshow consultant, ...) is sufficient.

Furthermore, thanks to the increasing importance of data & analytics, Marketing is now benefiting from something that’s been helping Manufacturers for decades: continuous improvement.

Unfortunately, manufacturers have not adapted well to these changes so are generating far fewer leads and sales with their marketing dollars than they should be. This seminar explains the power and cost effectiveness of a continuously improved, integrated marketing program, and teaches participants how such a program can overcome the challenges manufacturers have with Marketing.

While this is a stand-alone seminar, participants will benefit from attending the related "The Power of Continuously Improved, Integrated Marketing" seminar as it will expand upon the real-world examples of continuously improved, integrated marketing presented in this seminar.

A Multi-Channel Approach to Leveraging Your Marketing Assets for a Better ROI
In today’s complicated marketing environment, businesses must rely on many different marketing strategies and tactics to generate sales and qualified leads. Two keys to marketing success: finding the best components for your business (social media, content marketing, SEO, advertising, PR, email marketing, in-person marketing, etc.) and then maximizing your investment with an integrated, multi-channel approach.

This seminar reviews the power behind comprehensive, integrated marketing, and then demonstrates this approach using real-world examples of how businesses can efficiently and affordably leverage their marketing assets by following our "create once, use multiple times" approach. Participants will also learn how to make an actionable plan for implementing an Integrated Marketing program.

While this is a stand-alone seminar, participants will benefit from also attending the companion seminar "What Most Manufacturers Get Wrong about Marketing" as it presents the conceptual framework for the detailed integrated marketing examples presented in this seminar.

Learn How Integrated Marketing Can Help Your Exit Revenue Goal While Delivering a Fantastic ROI
Most business owners have a sales price in mind when they contemplate selling their business. Because businesses are typically valued at a multiple of revenue (or revenue derivatives such as EBITDA) this sale price goal directly corresponds to an annual revenue goal.

If you aren't sure if your business will meet your revenue goal at exit, what Integrated Marketing can do to bridge the gap or are wondering if such a marketing investment will pay off, this seminar is for you, as it will present:

  • A framework to determine if your current marketing investment is likely to meet or exceed your revenue goal.
  • The business case that investing in Integrated Marketing to grow revenue before selling your business can deliver a fantastic ROI
  • A checklist of revenue enhancing marketing to-dos for those considering selling their business in 2-5 years

Workshop Offerings

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An Up-to-Date, Cutting Edge Approach to SEO in the Age of Siri

Just like Siri, Google and other search engines are much better at understanding natural language. Because of this unfolding technological change, SEO (search engine optimization) has moved from its obsession with strings of letters and keywords and moved towards Key Concepts, or groups of words that express a similar idea. And since SEO touches on virtually every other aspect of your marketing program, every business today needs to include SEO front and center in their strategic marketing plan.

While we firmly believe that SEO is best managed by a professional SEO firm, we also believe that business owners should have a basic understanding of what SEO is. (SEO is not ranking for a specific keyword!) Workshop participants learn the basics of on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and link building, and are introduced to the basic tools that are available.


How Small Businesses Can Use Social Media to Grow Their Online Presence - for Free!
After conducting our own social platform/content test for several months, Sales Renewal was able to prove that by investing a minimal, but regular, amount of time and effort, any business can grow its online social presence - for free. Learn the techniques we used and how you can apply them to your business.

Marketing Seminars and Workshops

If your Boston- or New England-area company or organization is hosting a conference, summit, or workshop or seminar series, Sales Renewal can be a great resource for adding business, marketing, and sales expertise to your lineup. Check out our current seminar schedule, or contact us via the form below for more information.

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