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Design Phase

SEO Blueprint: 1-hour meeting to answer: “What should we focus on?”

  • Key Concepts, NAP, competition and overall strategic positioning

Key Concept Research and Content Mapping

  • Research Key Concepts (search volume, competitiveness, 5-8 associated keywords)
  • Create Sales Renewal Site Plan doc for existing site
  • Map Key Concepts to existing site pages
  • Internal Link Development: Review site content for opportunities to link to pages and blog posts within your website

Technical Review of Existing Site: Identify technical and structural issues, duplicate content, 404s, broken links

  • Review site to understand structure and keywords, identify any issues that need to be addressed

Competitive Analysis: Research competitors identified in Blueprint looking at how they are positioned in terms of Key Concepts


Build Phase

Fix Identified Site Issues

  • Use information from Technical Review to fix basic technical and structural issues.
  • Add Semantic Markup.

On-Page SEO for Key Concepts: Using Site Plan as a guide, update identified pages with following components:

  • title tags
  • meta descriptions
  • headers (H1/H2)
  • text (2 insertions)

Off-page SEO/Local Business Listing

  • Yext listing
  • Google+ Page Set up MOZ w/keywords and competitors
  • Text site map on site
  • Search engine sitemap submission (2 different site maps)
  • Install Google Analytics Tracking code on website
  • Set up Analytics (SRA + Google Analytics + Webmaster Tools)

Set up Blog for SEO & Google Authorship (OPTIONAL)

  • Set up or update Google Authorship for company spokesperson/blog author
  • Set up Blog Post Sharing Capability and Blog Subscriptions capability
  • Set up Feedblitz or Mailchimp for blog subscriptions

Run Phase

Rotating Key Concept Review

  • Each Key Concept is reviewed 2x a year on a rotating basis.
  • Using Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Sales Renewal Analytics and Moz, we will review keyword performance, do a competitive review, and make minor site page adjustments as needed.

Local Message Updates

  • Every month, update local listings with rotating Key Concept messages

Monthly Status Report

  • Monthly report indicating work done and SEO status by 15th of following month.


  • Sales Renewal will give each blog post an SEO review (Key concepts used in correct places, titles, content, etc.)

Natural Search Landing Pages (OPTIONAL)

  • If our Key Concept review indicates new or increasingly important Key Concepts, we may recommend the creation of a Natural Search Landing Page for that term. Sales Renewal can write the page for you on T&M basis

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