Holiday Marketing For Law Firms

Holidays are a time for interacting with people, whether it be your family, friends, neighbors or coworkers. This also makes it a great time to socialize with your clients. The end of the year makes a perfect time for you to say “thank you” to your clients and wish them the best for the new year. Personal interactions around the holidays are things your clients will remember in the new year.

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Networking: Necessary Evil or Untapped Opportunity?

Ah, networking – the marketing activity everyone loves to hate. We say if you hate it, you’re doing it wrong. What we often hear from people who do a lot of networking – professional services providers, in particular – is that networking is a necessary evil. But they don’t like it for a variety of […]

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Should You Stop Asking Your Customers for Reviews?

Because businesses have actively solicited customer reviews (and other feedback) for years, many online review sites look like over-caffeinated click-a-thons. It’s hard to sort out the helpful from the hype. But it’s clear that consumers want to consider other customers’ opinions and experiences before they buy – in other words, businesses need reviews. Savvy online […]

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Love in Your Ring Wizard, the First-of-Its-Kind Online Ring Designer, Has Launched

Sales Renewal is pleased to announce the launch of Minter + Richter Designs’ new ecommerce site,, and the custom-built Love in Your Ring Wizard that seamlessly lives within it. The site and unique App are great examples of Sales Renewal’s JointSourcing Solution at work: key business challenges were identified in the client’s JointSourcing Blueprint […]

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A Better Way to Calculate the ROI of Your Marketing Investment

“Marketers have access to data [today] that allows them to track individuals’ various interactions with a brand before their purchase, and better understand what role each interaction … played in the eventual sale. This approach, called “attribution modeling, ” allows companies to attribute appropriate credit to each online and offline contact and touch point in […]

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Sharing the Rewards & Risks in JointSourcing Works: Client Revenue Goes Up and Costs Go Down

Given that Sales Renewal’s JointSourcing is truly one-of-a-kind-there are no other Marketing General Contractors that shares the risk and reward-it is not surprising that it requires a bit more explanation than the familiar, fee-for-service, single-marketing-strategy (like PR, inbound marketing, advertising, direct mail, tradeshows, …) approach every other agency takes. But numbers have a way at […]

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What Skills to Look for When Hiring or Assembling a Marketing Team

Since our beginning in the depths of the Great Recession in 2009, Sales Renewal has been extolling the importance of hiring a broad and deep team to grow a business’ revenue (aka, Marketing). While we understood that there would always be need for brand-focused and creative people, we also understood that the Team would have to expand beyond the boundaries of traditional and digital Marketing to include business analysts, marketing strategists and a fair number of technologists too.

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Ready-Fire-Aim Marketing And Why It Will Likely Blow Back On You

Too many businesses today practice Ready-Fire-Aim Marketing: They get some seemingly intelligent, point specific advice from a blog post / newsletter / trade association / colleague / brother-in-law (pick one). They spend little time understanding the advice (who can invest time to think things through when we need leads!) and whether it’s their most critical […]

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Omni-Channel Marketing for Your Business

We try to stay away from using buzz words to get our message across, but lately we’ve seen a term emerge that gets to the core of what Sales Renewal is all about. Omni-channel marketing – removing silos, putting the customer front and center, approaching ROI from an integrated perspective – describes a shift in […]

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6 T-U-R-K-E-Y Tips We’re Thankful for in Our Online Marketing, Analytics-Driven World

It’s time for our annual “what we’re thankful for” post, and this year, we’re serving up the main dish, T-U-R-K-E-Y. Got some turkeys of your own? Let us know about them in the comments below. Happy Thanksgiving from Sales Renewal! T is for the Tools we use every day: We love tools like Yext for […]

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