The $242 Billion Business Of Corporate Gifting Pivoted From A Routine To A Priority In The Pandemic

Somewhere between the gratitude of Thanksgiving and the gift-giving of December traditions lies the industry of corporate gifting. Companies can deepen connections, build loyalty, and increase a sense of mutual value with both clients and employees through thoughtful, intentional tokens of appreciation. Here’s an inside look at this rapidly growing business as we head into the business gift giving season.

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Six Ways Going “Green” Can Boost Your Bottom Line

We’ve heard it over and over again: it’s important for the environment to work “green” or eco-friendly initiatives into our lives whenever we can. For individuals, the path to a greener lifestyle is simpler, but for businesses, an eco-conscious approach may seem difficult to integrate at first.  We think there are plenty of green initiatives […]

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Benefits of Gender Diversity

With International Women’s Day happening this month, you may have seen your news feeds filled with appreciation, support, and celebration of women everywhere. Though that hasn’t always been the case for women in the workplace, the gender gap is rapidly closing – and the economic benefits of gender diversity has become readily apparent. Study after […]

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How to Grow, and NOT, Grow Sales: SalesMemes 53 Ask Before Doing

Sales Renewal’s insight: What a novel idea, asking your target market what they want before doing it! To see how Sales Renewal has put this into action for a client’s Resource section, read Survey Says … Visit every Friday to see the latest SalesMemes: the best and worst ideas to increase sales. See more […]

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How to Grow, and NOT, Grow Sales: SalesMemes 51 Wasted Employees

Sales Renewal’s insight: After all, why would their employees need to know about their company or be leveraged as a core group of friendly, motivated people in a platform that leverages people’s relationships? How many of your employees subscribe to your business blog or like/follow your business on social media? If the answer is “few, […]

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How to Grow, and NOT, Grow Sales: SalesMemes 41 – How to be a hero for $200

Sales Renewal’s insight: What’s up next? A Mercedes for $500? Want to be a hero like Erica? Here’s how she did it: a new cost effective way to attract prospects, customers and partners. Check every Friday to see the latest SalesMemes: the best and worst ideas to increase sales. See more #GoodExecutionErica and her […]

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A Cost Effective Way to Attract Prospects, Customers and Partners

Press clippings. Anyone who has worked in a large office as recently as the late 1990s knows what this means. “Back in the day, ” employees would receive packets of photocopied articles and news items related to their company and industry, delivered daily by the PR department. This was not an inexpensive proposition, and companies […]

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Helping Grow MA Small Businesses

Sales Renewal to Offer Strategic, Sales and Marketing, and Tech Assistance to MA Small Businesses Working with Massachusetts Growth Capital Corp (MGCC), Sales Renewal is making hands-on expertise in strategic, sales and marketing, and technical assistance available to Massachusetts’ small, women and minority owned businesses to grow successfully across the Commonwealth. MGCC assists a wide […]

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Proud to Support One Fund Boston, Music Festival

We’re glad to wrap up the month with a little good news: Sales Renewal is a proud sponsor of the One Family Music Festival! The event will be held Sunday May 12, 2013, and 100% of the proceeds benefit The One Fund Boston. The One Family Music Festival will be held at the Exchange Conference […]

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