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Alexa and Yext and Oh, the Possibilities

Alexa and Yext sales listings

Wouldn’t it be cool if Amazon’s amazingly popular digital assistant for the home, Alexa, could recommend your business? If you’re signed up for Sales Renewal’s Local Marketing program, Alexa will be doing this for your business very soon. Anyone will be able to ask Alexa,  “Find X near me”  (where X is what your business does) and […]

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WordPress Dominates the CMS Space

WordPress claims slightly over 60 percent (up slightly from November 2015’s number of 58.7 percent). The nearest competition? Joomla with 3.1 percent market share (up from 2.8 percent). Drupal is also up from 2.1 percent to 2.2 percent. Sales Renewal’s insight: As we’ve been saying for a while, WordPress has won the war for website […]

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Sales Renewal Develops Multi-Dimensional, Visual Search System for Non-Profit Client

The Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation of Harvard Law School (CHLPI) advocates for legal, regulatory, and policy reforms to improve the health of underserved populations. Two years ago, Sales Renewal worked with CHLPI to build a new WordPress website that was modern-looking, responsive and easy for the CHLPI team to maintain. A key […]

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Love in Your Ring Wizard, the First-of-Its-Kind Online Ring Designer, Has Launched

Sales Renewal is pleased to announce the launch of Minter + Richter Designs’ new ecommerce site,, and the custom-built Love in Your Ring Wizard that seamlessly lives within it. The site and unique App are great examples of Sales Renewal’s JointSourcing Solution at work: key business challenges were identified in the client’s JointSourcing Blueprint […]

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SR EasyAuthoring Integrated Blog Tool

Sales Renewal is pleased to announce the launch of SR EasyAuthoring™, an innovative, integrated blog authoring tool. SR EasyAuthoring was designed for small businesses to help them easily offer original and “curated” content in the single blog platform they already have on their websites. Original + Curated Content Fresh web content in the form of […]

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Technology That Lets Sales Pros Peer Into What Prospects Want

Sales acceleration tools are almost uncanny in what they reveal about a customer’s thinking. Sales Renewal’s insight: From spreadsheets to contact databases to CRMs – the sophistication of lead management tools has improved by leaps and bounds in the last decade. And now we’re seeing an emergence of a new category of lead management: sales […]

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What Do I Need to Know About #mobilegeddon

We’ve fielded quite a few questions this week about what is now known as #mobilegeddon – Google’s new search update which factors mobile-friendliness in its search rankings. The most frantic of these questions was from a client who told us: “We’ve heard Google is going to shut down our website.” We can tell you that […]

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Google Adds “Mobile Friendliness” to Its Search Criteria

“Many businesses around the world could wake up on Tuesday to discover their search ranking has been downgraded. After a months long warning period, Google will add “mobile friendliness” to the 200 or so factors it uses to list websites on its search engine. As a result, websites that don’t meet Google’s criteria will tumble […]

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Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Site Now

If you’ve recently launched or upgraded your website, chances are you’re in good shape for April 21. That’s the day Google will add “mobile-friendliness” as a search ranking signal.The company has even gone so far as to state that the change will have “a significant impact” in its search results. This is in response to […]

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