Alexa and Yext and Oh, the Possibilities

Alexa and Yext sales listings

Wouldn’t it be cool if Amazon’s amazingly popular digital assistant for the home, Alexa, could recommend your business?

If you’re signed up for Sales Renewal’s Local Marketing program, Alexa will be doing this for your business very soon.

Anyone will be able to ask Alexa,  “Find X near me”  (where X is what your business does) and it will respond with your company contact info.  And the icing on the cake is that there’s no extra cost for this.

Yext is a Local Marketing platform that drives sales by:   

  • increasing your site’s rank in local search and
  • providing access to listing pages on 100+ popular, locally-oriented websites like Yelp, Mapquest, Bing, Yahoo Local, Trip Advisor and many more, including, now, Alexa

On July 25, Yext began sending the data in your Yext listing to Amazon. While Amazon doesn’t share just how its Alexa AI works or when the Yext data will be fully integrated, it’s safe to say the digital assistant is built to be helpful – millions of consumers look to Alexa for help finding products and services every day. Which will soon include your business too!

And if you are not signed up for Sales Renewal’s Local Marketing program, get in touch.  


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