Quick Tip: Google Offers

Google is far more than just a search engine and when it comes to special offers, discounts or deals Google is an untapped resource for far too many businesses. Sales Renewal, for example, has long leveraged Google Places (now Google + Local) as a high traffic, free promotional platform, and more recently began similarly taking advantage of Google Wallet.

Now, Google is beta-testing a new promotion option that we’re considering adding into the mix (and so should you if we’re not doing this for you). Google Offers makes it easy to set up a special offer to reach existing customers and prospects who view your listing via Google Maps, Google Offers app, Google Wallet app (or through your Google + Local listing, if it’s connected to Google Maps). Businesses can choose from the three types of offers to provide:

  • Money off – used to specify a dollar discount, such as “$20 off package”
  • Percent off – used to specify a percentage discount, such as “25% off warranty plan”
  • Free product – used to provide a free product or gift with purchase, such as “free flower bouquet with purchase of club membership”

As the Google listings are often at the top of organic search results, utilizing the Offers feature is an excellent way to draw visitors to your listing and set you apart from the competition. While the Google Offers for Businesses is currently only available in a select number of cities, you will soon be able to create an offer that will sync across Google Offers, Google Maps and Google Wallet.

Stay tuned!

Sales Renewal’s insight:

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