7 (Mostly Free) Ways to Maximize Facebook for Your Business

So you have a company Facebook page. You do two to three status updates a week, sometimes post a photo. But you’re left wondering, “Is there anything else I can do?”

We’ve rounded up 7 easy ways to help make your Facebook page work harder for your business:

  1. Showcase your brand via the Facebook Timeline
  2. Participate on Facebook as your brand
  3. Run contests for your followers
  4. Set up special apps to engage your followers
  5. Open up the Subscribe button for your personal page
  6. Set up networking, social and niche “groups” for targeted messages
  7. Advertise your Facebook Page to promote your business

Our 7 Ways to Maximize Facebook for Your Business tip sheet will give you more details about these ideas. Of course, before trying any of them, we recommend reviewing your overall social media strategy to be sure you are meeting your goals. If you need help devising or implementing a social media strategy, please get in touch with us – we’re happy to help!

1 minute read