Are You a Loyalty Company?

It’s harder than ever to earn your customers’ loyalty. They are “always on, ” have instant access to myriad choices, and can easily find the cheapest prices from any supplier. Many companies think they’ve solved this with a loyalty program, but the competition is stiff there, too. On average, consumers belong to eight loyalty programs […]

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Behavior-Triggered Email Campaigns Win and Keep Customers

A look at four behavior-triggered email campaigns that will provide value to your subscribers while increasing your revenue. Sales Renewal’s insight: Has your email marketing moved from a batch-and-blast approach to a series of emails that are triggered by customer behavior? This approach leads to an increase in retention, revenue per email, customer lifetime value, […]

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How Big Data Has Changed Sports

Big data is transforming sports by helping managers measure individual performance and the most effective game plans. Sales Renewal’s insight: If analytics is important enough that “97 percent of MLB teams and 80 percent of NBA teams employ analytics professionals” isn’t it time to consider its ability to improve your marketing performance too?   Read […]

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