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Nate Silver, Marketing’s Wake Up Call

We’re tempted to call it the Nate Silver effect: In the last few weeks a handful of industry watchers have suggested that what companies really need to succeed is a chief marketing technologist.It’s not a bad idea. Obviously, sales and marketing functions are increasingly dependent on technology. The technology choices available today are roughly double […]

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How Well Do you Tell Your Story?

So you’re good at updating posts on Facebook and you’re targeting prospects on LinkedIn? Tip of the hat to you. Maybe you’ve even got 1, 000+ followers on Twitter and you’ve figured out how to connect with prospects on Pinterest. Congratulations; you’re in the minority of small businesses that use social media effectively. So how […]

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Quick Tip: Google Offers

Google is far more than just a search engine and when it comes to special offers, discounts or deals Google is an untapped resource for far too many businesses. Sales Renewal, for example, has long leveraged Google Places (now Google + Local) as a high traffic, free promotional platform, and more recently began similarly taking […]

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