More Customers Are Shopping Online Now Than At Height Of Pandemic, Fueling Need For Digital Transformation

The trend shows that online shopping growth isn’t going away and that brands need to re-assess their digital offerings to create the best experience possible.


Research is showing that even though stores and restaurants are slowly opening back up, shopping and ordering food online have continued to rise.  

If your business doesn’t have an online presence or any way to offer your services online, now is the time to begin building out ways to reach your consumers better and conduct your business virtually. The road to getting back to normal is still a long one, so attempting to wait it out and avoid transitioning may hurt your business and cause you to lose clients. 


Business owners should be confident that their website is easy to navigate and offers clients what they need. Whether it’s selling products or services, scheduling online appointments or delivering resources, your website should be a good alternative to conducting the same business as you would in person. If it isn’t, consider making the decision to transition and contact Sales Renewal to see how we can help make you more reachable to consumers online. 

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