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What is Retargeting and How Can Professional Service Firms Utilize It?

Retargeting for Professional Service Firms

Retargeting – It can be beneficial for both your business and your target audience. As consumers, you’ve seen it; while cruising through your Facebook feed, there’s sponsored content from the website you just visited. Professional services can be just as effective in using retargeting as consumer products. The goal is to make sure the information you wish to retarget is relevant to the user as they progress through the buying cycle.

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A study stated that office workers are becoming more distracted at their desks and feel like they don’t have a space to be fully focused. Our company is fully remote and with project management and communication programs, our employees feel the same comradery between each other, and feel more productive and focused in their own environment. While offices continue to transform into spaces with more perks, like games and snack bars, employees could be prone to get more distracted. While many argue that the productivity between remote and office workers fully depends on people’s personalities, there are several key differences that can make an impression on one’s work performance.

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