New Survey Shows Engineers Most Likely to Look Online for Information

Analysis of TREW Marketing and new survey on how engineers find information online. Engineers love online information over others.

Sales Renewal’s insight:

Marketing to engineers? Be sure you pay attention to online and digital marketing, as online is a valuable source of information for engineers.

More survey results:

  • The way engineers most often interact with e-newsletters is scanning subject lines.
  • Engineers most often consume work-related content on their desktop computer throughout the workday; mobile devices are used most often when they’re on the go and commuting.
  • In viewing webcasts, features engineers prefer most are real-world examples and images and diagrams.
  • Online resources such as websites and search engines are the most valuable source of information versus offline sources such as conferences or publications.
  • Engineers have the highest trust in content written by an engineering expert at a vendor company, followed by industry analysts and editorial pieces in an industry print or online publication.
  • Most engineers use social media in their personal life where they may stumble upon work-related articles, but nearly a third say they use social media for work.
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