Sales Renewal Collaborates on New Marketing Strategy with Image 4, the Leader in 3-Dimensional Brand Experience

The JointSourcing Solution helped Image 4 orchestrate a strategic repositioning to achieve its dual goals of growing revenue and unifying its brand & messaging across four distinct verticals.

Boston, May 23, 2018 – Sales Renewal, a unique, full service marketing agency that is revolutionizing small business marketing, is pleased to announce the latest client to successfully employ the JointSourcing Solution™ to grow its  brand and revenue.

JointSourcing helped  Image 4, a marketing agency that has been creating award-winning 3D brand experiences for 30+ years, unify its brand & messaging across four verticals, refocus existing service offerings, identify strategic initiatives to address prospects’ disparate needs, design a new website that speaks to all customers, and integrate multiple marketing technologies to cost-effectively grow leads.  Through the JointSourcing Solution, Sales Renewal continues to manage a robust, ongoing marketing program for Image 4, including implementation and management of day-to-day marketing activities.

JointSourcing (“joint venture + insourcing”) is a comprehensive, one-stop marketing solution delivering results for clients of all shapes and sizes. This innovative approach to managing the marketing function has proven equally effective for small businesses that simply don’t have the time or skill for marketing, medium-sized businesses without a fully staffed in-house marketing team, and larger companies that need “pop-up” marketing departments to address gaps in expertise or bandwidth or execution of special projects. JointSourcing has been successfully implemented by a wide range of companies, including retailers, manufacturers, professional services firms, and non-profit organizations.

Image 4’s initial goals for the JointSourcing Solution were to grow its revenue through consistent, integrated marketing. However, during the Image 4 Blueprint (the first phase of JointSourcing), both parties identified an additional challenge created by the company’s entrance over time into the four quite different verticals that have fueled their growth. As is often the case with the “cobbler’s children,” the principals at Image 4, expert brand marketers themselves, were so focused on executing successful client projects on time and on budget that they had little time left to consider whether their brand and positioning were in fact optimally being conveyed to prospects and clients in their very diverse markets.

Image 4’s thirty-year history of creating memorable experiential design for trade shows led to a growing business in 3 other verticals: bank branch design, specialty pop-up stores and corporate & institutional spaces. Unfortunately, the marketing language useful for trade show clients did not translate effectively to the highly specific language required, for example, by Image 4’s architect partners who were designing commercial buildings. The fundamental challenge then, was to position one brand across four distinct verticals that don’t speak the same language and have different experiences and expectations.

During the Blueprint phase, the client and Sales Renewal collaboratively define business & marketing strategies, branding, messaging & positioning, and the most cost-effective marketing tactics for each individual client. This process helped Image 4 see that the company could have a unified, overall message that all of its customers, across verticals, would find compelling and understandable (3D Branding) while still being able to speak to buyers within those four verticals in the sophisticated, industry-specific way they expect and require.

“Working with Sales Renewal was an eye-opening experience for Image 4,” said Jeff Baker, president and COO of Image 4. “When you’re in the trenches day in and day out, it’s difficult to take the time to step back and re-evaluate. The Blueprint exercise with Sales Renewal forced us to think about market presentation in a way we never had before. Their experience with a wide variety of businesses brings a broader perspective to the table, along with practical experience in implementing a wide variety of marketing strategies and tactics. Sales Renewal has the patience and understanding to put themselves in their client’s clients’ shoes to determine what they need to hear, rather than what we want them to tell us. Their thinking really helped inform our brand strategy.”

To share 30 years of thought-leadership, and showcase how Image 4 brings diverse brands to life, Sales Renewal launched the new website and educational blog ( In addition, Sales Renewal identified a range of marketing strategies and tactics designed to increase awareness and actively grow leads in each of their four markets.

JointSourcing’s custom-configured marketing team, based on Image 4’s unique needs, continues to deliver day-to-day management and implementation of the plan, whose strategies and tactics are re-evaluated on a quarterly basis to reflect real-world feedback and modified as necessary. Included in the company’s monthly marketing program is paid advertising, local marketing, SEO strategies, content marketing (including original and curated content), social media marketing, email marketing, website enhancements and comprehensive analytics to benchmark and continuously improve them all.

“Working with Image 4 has been especially exciting, and personally rewarding for me, since it involves marketing experts working collaboratively with other marketing experts to refine and implement a challenging marketing strategy,” said Keith Loris, president of Sales Renewal Corporation. “All JointSourcing projects are by nature very collaborative, but this one in particular felt especially energizing – it’s just not often we at Sales Renewal engage with clients who are also marketing professionals.”

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