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Should You Stop Asking Your Customers for Reviews?

Because businesses have actively solicited customer reviews (and other feedback) for years, many online review sites look like over-caffeinated click-a-thons. It’s hard to sort out the helpful from the hype. But it’s clear that consumers want to consider other customers’ opinions and experiences before they buy – in other words, businesses need reviews. Savvy online […]

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Consumers May Be More Trusting of Ads Than Marketers Think

A study surveying 400 participants regarding 20 common tactics used in TV and Digital ads found that 13 of the tactics elicited favorable responses – which surprised even marketers and has top ad agencies focusing on the Authenticity factor. For anyone concerned with the believability of marketing today, this is a must-read article. Sales Renewal […]

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10 of the Best Small Business Marketing Studies Published This Year |

Why should you care about small business surveys? They can show where you stand compared to your peers, and what strategies and tactics are working best for them. Sales Renewal’s insight: It’s November, so let the onslaught of year-in-review articles begin! Most of the reports on small- to medium-size businesses are positive – but the […]

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To maximize the sale of your company, build business value

Owners do not plan early enough to sell their businesses and as a result, they try to sell before they have maximized the enterprise value of their companies. This situation leads to a lower purchase price from a buyer, or worse, no sale at all. Sales Renewal’s insight: Key business drivers are intricately tied to […]

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8 Ways to Improve the ROI of Staff Meetings

Ray, our COO many years ago, used to start meetings with 10-15 minutes of chit-chat. While his intention was to promote socializing, the effect was late-arrivers, difficulty in focusing at the star… Sales Renewal’s insight: Well-planned, timely meetings are productive. Productive meetings develop good strategies and make sure the execution is on track and that […]

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A Unique Selling Proposition May Be the Big Idea You Need

Creating a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is a risky move – but with a well-developed strategy and a coordinated public relations and marketing effort, it can pay off. Creating a USP Jim Bolin was born and raised in Casey, IL. As he grew up, Bolin watched a familiar small-town story unfold: Casey lost population, visitors, […]

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Sales Renewal to Help The Harvest Group Grow Its Business and Brand

Concord, MA-May 17, 2017-Sales Renewal is pleased to welcome Waltham, MA-based The Harvest Group, a family-owned Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) specializing in family wealth management, as its newest JointSourcing Solution™ client. Led by Roger H. Ingwersen, CFP®, CIMA®, CRPC®, his son Todd M. Ingwersen, CFP®, CIMA®, and daughter Laurie E. Ingwersen, CFP®, CRPC®, CDFA™, the […]

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Content Marketing Takes a Turn for the Better: New 2017 Research

Read the just-released B2B Content Marketing 2017: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends-North America report from Content Marketing Institute Sales Renewal’s insight: To help you develop your 2017 Content Marketing plan, this article gathers 25 content marketing stats all in one place … dive in, explore and learn. Sales Renewal’s Insight Read Original Article

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Love in Your Ring Wizard, the First-of-Its-Kind Online Ring Designer, Has Launched

Sales Renewal is pleased to announce the launch of Minter + Richter Designs’ new ecommerce site,, and the custom-built Love in Your Ring Wizard that seamlessly lives within it. The site and unique App are great examples of Sales Renewal’s JointSourcing Solution at work: key business challenges were identified in the client’s JointSourcing Blueprint […]

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