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The Most Common Small Business Marketing Problem: Missing the Forest for the Trees

Many small business owners know that successful marketing can play a huge role in their growth. It is very common for us to hear these owners have great ideas for what they want to do, but they all have the same issue: due to lack of people and resources, they fall into the trap of […]

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Surveys, Complaints, and the Value of Regularly Scheduled Listening

Who doesn’t get excited about survey responses, right? Right?! In case it’s not coming through on screen, that was written in a sarcastic tone. Creating and managing customer surveys online (or paper, or phone surveys) is rarely earthshaking. Survey response rates are often low, and responses tend to roll in rather slowly. But the insight […]

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SR EasyAuthoring Integrated Blog Tool

Sales Renewal is pleased to announce the launch of SR EasyAuthoring™, an innovative, integrated blog authoring tool. SR EasyAuthoring was designed for small businesses to help them easily offer original and “curated” content in the single blog platform they already have on their websites. Original + Curated Content Fresh web content in the form of […]

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Jumpstart Your Small Business Marketing with the Marketing Essentials Solution

Marketing today can be challenging for small businesses. With all the techniques and technologies available, figuring out where to start and which tactics to use can be confusing. The streamlined approach of Sales Renewal’s Marketing Essentials Solution™ removes this confusion and provides a tailored mix of the essential marketing and sales-enabling technologies that all businesses […]

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What Skills to Look for When Hiring or Assembling a Marketing Team

Since our beginning in the depths of the Great Recession in 2009, Sales Renewal has been extolling the importance of assembling a custom team with both broad and deep expertise in all the skills your specific business needs to grow its revenue. While we understood that there would always be need for brand-focused and creative […]

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Ready-Fire-Aim Marketing And Why It Will Likely Blow Back On You

Too many businesses today practice Ready-Fire-Aim Marketing: They get some seemingly intelligent, point specific advice from a blog post / newsletter / trade association / colleague / brother-in-law (pick one). They spend little time understanding the advice (who can invest time to think things through when we need leads!) and whether it’s their most critical […]

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Free Webinar: The Marketing Essentials All Businesses Need to Grow Sales

Sales Renewal is pleased to present a free, live webinar on Tuesday, June 30, at 1pm ET during which attendees learn about the Marketing Essentials – the powerful mix of the marketing strategies, programs and tactics and sales-enabling technology that every business needs to grow its leads and sales. You can register for the webinar […]

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How to Grow, and NOT, Grow Sales: SalesMemes 50 Innovative Thinking

Sales Renewal’s insight: Do you think she also helped India fly to Mars for less than it cost to make the movie Gravity? Hiring a pay-for-performance marketing firm can save you tons of time while making marketing more efficient. Just be sure you ask the contenders these 5 important questions before you hire one! Visit […]

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Hiring A Marketing Firm? 5 Questions to Ask First

Bringing on external resources to help with your marketing sounds great. There’s even a term for it – Outsourced, or Pay-Per-Performance Marketing. According to Wikipedia: “Outsource marketing is the art of handing over the entire marketing demands of a company to a third party.” Sounds easy, right? But how do you know you’re handing over […]

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