Don’t Waste a Hook in 2013

If you’re in business, the holidays can be so hectic some important things get overlooked. We’d hate to start the New Year with an old lecture, so let’s just call this a friendly reminder about the value of customers.

We’re sure you’ve seen quotes from legendary department store founder Marshall Field extolling the virtues of customer service, and we bet you also know, contrary to some of Mr. Field’s axioms, the customer isn’t always right. Never the less, the customer is always the customer.

Photo courtesy of Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Appreciating your customers – even the trying ones – starts with knowing who they are. Only after that can you begin to understand them.

Perhaps you’re familiar with this story from a fishing equipment sales training program. After the leader enthusiastically ballyhooed the lures’ hand-painted eyes, realistic movements of various rubberized insects, and pointed out how well they concealed the hooks, a young sales person interrupted to ask, “Do fish really like this stuff?”

“You’re not selling to fish, ” the trainer replied.

In other words, no matter how great your bait, it’s even more important to know what you’re trying to hook.

In 2013, as always, we wish you good cheer and good selling.

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