Four Things You Need to Know About Content Curation

Sales Renewal’s insight:

As Marketing Profs notes in this article about content curation, and Sales Renewal agrees, creating fresh, engaging original content on a consistent basis is a tall order for most smaller businesses. It takes an understanding of what is “engaging” to your readers, plus time and talent to plan, write and distribute.

We believe smaller businesses can differentiate themselves in the realm of content marketing by using a combination of original content and “curated content” – seeking out and sharing content that others have created (giving them credit, of course).

If you are considering or have ventured into the realm of curated content, this article offers some good guidance:

  • Select quality content – content should come from trustworthy sources, be relevant to your readers, can take multiple forms (video, articles, Infographics)
  • Add value – don’t just re-post, but provide your insights or commentary
  • Distribute the content – as you do with your original content, use your digital channels (newsletters, social media, website) to share the content
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