How to Get Content into the Hands of Influencers Who Can Help Amplify It

This week we’re going to chat about a problem that many of you have mentioned .. to me and to other folks here at Moz when we talk about content marketing and specifically content amplification like, “Okay, I made some great content. But how do I actually get people to share it? In particular, how do I get content into the hands of the influencers who might amplify it?”

Sales Renewal’s insight:

Finding, following and most importantly getting influential people (aka, influencers) to quote, republish or link to your content seems like a natural way to build an audience, but it’s really quite hard. After all, by definition influencers are popular and therefore busy so getting their attention to make them aware of your content is challenging.

This MOZ Whiteboard Friday can help. Also check out Getting Started with Influencer Marketing.

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