How to Make Your Outdated Content Outstanding Again

Old content isn’t dead content. Breathe new life into your old content by following these steps.

Sales Renewal’s insight:

Does “republishing” an older blog post somehow feel like cheating?

When I coach clients about republishing their evergreen blog content, I find they are quite often hesitant to push the button. After all, shouldn’t a blogger be able to turn out fresh, interesting content every week?

This article from uberflip provides some good reasons for reviving your older content as a regular part of your content marketing strategy:

  • Having fresh, up-to-date content helps you demonstrate your brand’s reliability.
  • Keeping popular posts up to date helps you continue to build on their good ranking to bring visitors to your site.
  • Updating gives you the opportunity to improve poorer-quality posts, which will help you address Google’s Panda update targeting low-quality content.
  • Updating, like curating, is a lot easier than writing a brand-new post. You can give yourself a break once in a while!
  • Updating is an opportunity to give the old content a new SEO pass. You probably know more about optimization and good-performing keywords now than you did when you wrote the post.
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