JointSourcing and Time Savings and Team Building: 3 Things that Go Together

In the first quarter of this year, we (the Sales Renewal team) have spent more hours than we’d like to admit discussing our inner clockworks. How do we make decisions that affect the team…who decides…how do we decide which stories deserve full-length treatment and which end up on the cutting room floor.

Stories? Agile groupies know what we’re talking about. And so does writer and speaker Bruce Kasanoff, as he clearly demonstrates in his recent article on LinkedIn.

Pondering those “inner clockwork” type things is important, even (or in our case, especially) to growing sales. JointSourcing is all about making the most efficient use of resources – ours, and our clients’. That’s why we ponder things like time management, both in internal company meetings, and in discussions with our clients.

Now please – go read Mr. Kasanoff’s article – and then get back to work, eh?

Sales Renewal’s insight:

Get back to work (after you read this), ok?

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