Say What? Are You Increasing Sales on the Phone – or Losing Customers?

While cell phone service company ads generally focus more on data plans, gaming applications and cameras that take share-worthy pictures than they do call reception and audio quality, reports of the death of phone conversations have been greatly exaggerated.

Customer Service Starts with “Hello”

Whether you’re making outbound sales calls (extending a service warranty, renewing an annual contract) or fielding questions about the most basic information regarding your company (hours of operation, which credit cards you accept), you want your employees to understand that every phone call with a customer is a potential sale.

Have a Common Sense Close

Have you been on the phone with an annoying presumptive-closer? Please, don’t be that guy.

You’re probably familiar with the pitch:

“You can use the card and get tons of points you can redeem at your favorite retailers or for cash, does that sound good? Ok, so to make sure I have the right address are you still at 123 Closethesale Street? In Makemyquota, USA? Ok, thank you for your time Mr/Mrs Nameonmylist.”

First, ick! Out of general human compassion, we have to point out the ends don’t always justify the means. Second, based on (never mind how many) years of professional sales experience, we’ll add that although underhanded sales tactics certainly can result in sales, a shady closing never creates a happy customer.

It’s also the reason why – although most of our clients come to us for help with web design, email marketing, or other online sales campaigns – we spend some pretty focused time understanding how our clients interact with customers on the phone during the Blueprint process.

Have you reviewed your staff’s telephone manners lately? Well, maybe you should.

Minding Your Business Telephone Manners = More Sales, Happier Customers

If you find your staff needs a refresher course in the basics of telephone manners and customer service, we’d be happy to refer you to an expert in proper etiquette. (We didn’t quite finish finishing school.) If you’d like to find out how to use the telephone to beef up your sales, though, we’ve got some pretty nifty tricks up our sleeves. (Ask us for reference accounts.)

About that guy in the photo… Would you take sales advice from Mark Twain? The iconic American author and satirist had some unconventional suggestions to increase sales. In case you didn’t recognize our opening reference to the legend, he was one of many celebrities whose obituaries have been written – and published – prematurely. (Our advice – don’t let that happen to your business!! Contact us to find out how you can breathe new life into your sales efforts.

Sales Renewal’s insight:

Have you been on the phone with an annoying presumptive-closer? Don’t be that guy. Think the phone is an old-fashioned sales tool? We can help you update your customer-speak to increase sales.

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