When Sales and Marketing Plans Come Together

If you’ve visited our website lately, you know we dedicate a sizable piece of virtual real estate to describe JointSourcing, our unique business model. In conversation, it can take a few minutes to explain. But, as one of our newest clients told us last week, “it’s completely logical!”

When we prepared last month’s client reports, we pulled out a few stats to show you what typical results* look like. In this case, the client sells durable goods in the B2B market, and in one month the report showed:

  • 8.8% increase in inbound links
  • 26.6% of identified keywords in top-10 positions
  • 13% increase in site visitors

JointSourcing may sound a little strange, but it’s not a magic potion. It works because our joint efforts – ours, and our clients – allow us to work together to maximize sales results. In the case we’ve noted here, while our client has provided more training to its staff and obtained additional industry education and safety certifications, thereby improving product quality and customer service, we’ve improved website performance and SEO, published more targeted content, and reached more prospects with a clear picture of our client’s products and benefits.

In other words, JointSourcing means we’re using our strengths to leverage theirs. Want to find out how we can leverage your strengths to grow your sales? Contact us. We’d love to explain.

*Of course, results may vary. So far, our clients seem happy with that.

Sales Renewal’s insight:

Joint sourcing is a unique business model that requires a few minutes of explanation. Then, as one of our new clients said, “It’s completely logical!” Our established clients don’t ask many questions about JointSourcing. They see the numbers on their monthly reports, and they get it.

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