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How to Make Direct Mail Work for Your Business

Many businesses only pay attention to reaching their customers via emails. While email marketing can be a great way to generate engagement and keep customers updated, it’s not the only way. Direct mail offers an option to reach your customers in a more personal way – through their mailbox. And if you think snail mail is outdated, think again: research has found that direct mail typically has a 4.4% return rate, while the rate for email is just 0.12%.

To help make a direct mail campaign successful, it’s important to know who you want to reach and make sure they are actually the ones receiving the mailing. As we know, our physical mailboxes can be as cluttered as our digital ones, but what do most people do when they get their mail? They quickly leaf through each piece and decide whether or not they are going to open it or trash it. Make sure your piece is enticing enough to avoid the recycling bin! An attractive design and a special offer, like exclusive coupons, exciting news or personalization, will make your customers take a second look.

Now that it’s the holiday season, consider using a direct mail campaign to reach your customers in a personal way to wish them a happy holiday season and let them know you’re thinking of them and appreciate their business. Don't forget to include a special offer!

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Key SEO Elements to Have in Place Before You Hit “Publish”

When creating online content, be it a webpage, blog post or video, you’ve likely set high expectations for performance in search engine rankings. To that end, it’s important to consider how you can optimize your content for SEO before you even begin. Doing so can boost your ranking in search results and also allow possible leads to find you organically. Many people know that using relevant keywords can help you rank well, but that isn’t all there is to it. Knowing how to use keywords correctly to avoid appearing as spam, optimizing images, and employing strong meta descriptions are just a few elements to consider when creating your content. Don’t wait until the next time you create some content to use these tips – start applying them to the pages and articles you’ve already created and help send them to the top of the search results page, too.

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Why Do B2B Content Marketing Strategies Fail?

The author puts forth the argument that content marketing has changed the way professional services are both bought and sold. Prospective clients have learned to turn to digital channels first when looking for someone to help solve their problem since these channels give open, unobstructed access to what buyers of these services prioritize most when judging your fit for their needs – your expertise. The more often a firm produces relevant content, the more engagement it creates, and the more trusted it becomes. Interestingly, research has shown that up to 24% of prospective clients rule out firms simply because of poor quality content. Make sure you’re not one of them by avoiding some simple traps, such as irrelevance, inconsistency, keeping your content to yourself, and more.

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Tips for Getting Better Business Images on a DIY Budget

Let’s call this the “fake-it-til-you-make-it” photo tip sheet. To be clear: We are proponents of professional photography for your website, and all of your marketing material. High-quality images attract attention, communicate clearly, and sell. Simply put, professional photography makes you look better. The better you look, the more people will look. The more people look, […]

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Better Images of Your Employees at Work, Better Marketing Material

Even among professional photographers, industrial portraiture is a niche specialty. But every business needs a few high-quality, up-to-date images of what goes on inside the company. Below are some general tips and tricks for photographing people who work in your business. Follow these and get the images you need for your marketing communications! Tips for […]

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Best of Growth Spurts – Focus on Customer Feedback and Reviews

In this month’s content roundup, we’ve focused on the many different ways businesses use customer feedback and reviews in their day-to-day marketing and business development. Reviews can be used to boost your online, local presence via SEO. Through reviews, your fans can help do your marketing for you. Survey feedback can be used as a […]

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