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Even among professional photographers, industrial portraiture is a niche specialty. But every business needs a few high-quality, up-to-date images of what goes on inside the company. Below are some general tips and tricks for photographing people who work in your business. Follow these and get the images you need for your marketing communications!

Tips for Photographing People at Work

Selfie sticks had a good run. And look around – people don’t seem shy about having their pictures taken – at work, at play, all day, every day. But something happens when you need images of your employees at work…and, it’s complicated. Here, a few simple tips to get the images you need for your website, social media channels, email newsletters, and other marketing communications:

  • Proper dress is required. Ensure that safety gear is worn and/or used correctly in all photos taken at your business.worker image
  • Don’t say cheese. When it comes to images of your people at work, they don’t have to smile. They don’t even need to be recognizable. When the image is intended to focus on equipment or process, we like over-the-shoulder shots showing employees at work, and other angles that don’t focus on facial features. Speaking of which…
  • Ask permission before photographing employees at work. Just because your company handbook says you have the right to take photos of your employees at work doesn’t mean you can be insensitive. If you’re planning a photo shoot, give your employees a day or two’s notice, and if possible, give them nice new company shirts to wear – and the option to opt-out of the shoot.
  • Taking pictures of work social events? A little goes a long way. One or two images of the company picnic or office party will convey the idea that yours is a fun place to work. We highly recommend getting the subject of each photo to OK its use (even if you’re ‘just’ posting to the company intranet) and giving your HR department a chance to review anything that you’re considering using, whether it’s for the employee newsletter, your website or social media channels.
  • Make sure it’s OK to share images from clients, vendors and partners. Is it OK to take pictures at a client worksite? Usually. Should you ask for a release before you share it? Absolutely! (We have a boilerplate release that’s yours for the asking.)

Need better business images, but a corporate photography session isn’t in your budget?

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We’re not professional photographers, but we know a few we’re happy to recommend. Need marketing help to increase sales? That’s our specialty!

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Quick tips for getting better images of people at work. Better pictures sell more products (and services)! Here’s how to get good pictures of your employess you can use on your website, social media, in newsletters, and other marketing communications

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