How to Use a Contest to Increase Sales

There once was a sales contest

that everyone agreed was the best.

It rocked website clicks and showed sales upticks

Call Sales Renewal for your contest fix!

OK, obviously we’re not in the poetry business. And you probably aren’t either. But the fact is, businesses can generate a lot of customer chatter (and move new prospects to check out their goods) by running a contest. Photo caption and limerick contests are popular, for consumer goods as well as business-to-business services.

What Rhymes with Competition?

Contests can be useful internally, too. Among other things, we’ve helped our clients use contests to increase employee participation on their blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. Some of our clients offer incentives for employees who write popular blog posts or frequently-shared posts on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Feel a contest coming on? Call us – we can help you make sure it’s a winner.

Sales Renewal’s insight:

Need a great (low-cost) reason to reach out to your client base? Want to increase employee participation and motivation in your company and its marketing efforts (or just to ensure they read your newsletter)? A contest is a good way to get their attention.

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