Proud to Work Alongside Our Non-Profit Clients

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While Sales Renewal is best known for our one-stop marketing solutions, JointSourcing and Marketing Essentials, we are equally happy to work on smaller-scale projects. One of our strengths at Sales Renewal is that we work across a variety of different industries, offering unique perspectives that can shed new light on traditional strategies and “the way things have always been done”. Some of the work we are most proud of has been for non-profits, spanning educational, government, cultural, healthcare, and religious institutions, for which we have developed a number of innovative solutions on an a la carte basis. Our a la carte clients pick and choose what’s most important to them at that point in time, a perfect fit for clients who are budget-sensitive or may need help with one or two discreet marketing tactics such as a new website, an online membership directory, an events calendar, or online donation capabilities, without the ongoing commitment of a longer term program. Here we highlight a few examples of our project work for non-profit clients.

The Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation at Harvard Law School (CHLPI), which advocates for legal, regulatory, and policy reforms to improve the health of underserved populations, turned to Sales Renewal to to help solve the problem of accessing the large number of documents housed in their Health Library, including published research, academic articles, and legal documents. Sales Renewal created a custom search system for CHLPI’s Health Library Publications that integrated multiple off-the-shelf plugins to meet their requirements at an affordable price. In addition to the classic series of filters, we created a visual map-based filter for a more user-friendly, interactive interface for selecting state specific publications.

We find that an important consideration for many non-profits is being able to manage and maintain their website in-house. When the Concord MA Chamber of Commerce struggled with how to manage their ever-growing paper membership directory, Sales Renewal proposed moving this document online and incorporating it into a new, easy to maintain website, also created by Sales Renewal. A unique challenge on this project was the fact that, due to the generous terms of the contract with their third party mailing house, the physical mailing actually produces an important stream of revenue for the Chamber. We were able to implement a solution that brings the directory into the modern world without losing this revenue by creating two versions: an interactive, online directory as well as the traditional hard copy, also available as an easy-to-read online flip book. Once everything was in place and with some initial training, we were able to turn the reins over to the Chamber to manage and maintain the directory and the website themselves.

Similarly, The Armenian Church turned to Sales Renewal to create a new website including an online events calendar and online donation system to keep their congregation and friends engaged and informed. After we created an easy-to-read, and importantly, easy-to-update events calendar within an updated website, the church is now able to maintain their own online presence to more effectively connect with their community.

The Boston Musician Association is a labor union (local 9-535) representing over 1,600 professional musicians in the Boston metro area and beyond. When creating its new website, the association had two main goals: 1) to provide a central place for its members to stay informed publicize their own upcoming events, and compare notes on venues and employers, and 2) to make it easy for the public to find musicians they could hire to perform, or who could provide instruction in a variety of instruments. Sales Renewal’s challenge was to automate this process to avoid the need for manual data entry as much as possible and we continue to work with this client to fully integrate and automate these important functions. The Music Buyers Guide, created by Sales Renewal, provides a central repository of musicians, sorted by the instruments they play and includes a full biography of their experience. The musicians themselves are able to send changes to their profiles directly from the site making for fast and easy updates.

As these very different clients show, Sales Renewal has the breadth and depth of experience to handle any size project and we are happy to work with our non-profit clients to make the most of their limited budgets. Often, seemingly daunting challenges can be handled can quickly and efficiently if the right expertise is brought to bear. Learn more about our a la carte services and how Sales Renewal can help your non-profit benefit from a new approach to marketing.

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