Social Media and Your Time Investment: the Payoff Isn’t Always Obvious

Small- and medium-sized business owners cannot take their time lightly. So questions like, should I invest time in LinkedIn? or Is a Pinterest presence worth my time? highlight important considerations.

We certainly don’t advocate jumping on every single social media bandwagon. While they all look like free advertising vehicles at first glance, the learning curve and time commitment can be significant. But plotting a course, and staying true to it, usually pays off.

What’s a Florist doing on LinkedIn?

With an unlimited supply of pictures of beautiful flowers Pinterest seems like an obvious choice for a flower shop (Facebook too). The photo-friendly, super-sharing communities are generally good for consumer-oriented businesses building a client base. But LinkedIn?

Maybe not so obvious. However, when you’ve plotted the right course, and are steady in your approach, you’ll probably be rewarded with sales.

And in some cases, thank-you notes. After all, business people are consumers with grandmothers too.

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Sales Renewal’s insight:

For consumer-oriented businesses, Pinterest and Facebook seem like obvious social media vehicles to use to increase sales. The photo-friendly, super-sharing communities are generally good building a client base. But LinkedIn?

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