Yahoo + Tumblr: Keep Calm and Follow Your Sales Plan

Google grabbed headlines last week and sent a wave of worries through the oceans of SEO strategists with its Penguin update. Marissa Mayer made Monday morning mighty interesting (and we thank her for the alliterative opportunity) when she announced Yahoo would purchase Tumblr.

What should you do about it?

Probably nothing.

Since deals between online news/content/media companies are rumored online before they’re announced online and then (over-) analyzed online, it’s easy to watch the deals (online!) and feel left behind.

Here’s the good news: the real world still exists. We have proof that sales, and longterm, lucrative customer relationships, are made in the real world every day.

We’re not in Nate Silver‘s league, but we’ll go out on a limb and guess that the Yahoo/Tumblr deal portends important changes for less than 1% of US businesses.

The rest of you can keep calm and carry on with your sales and marketing plans. That is, as long as you’re following a content program that’s right for you. Not sure? Don’t even have a content program? (gasp!) We can fix that in a flash.

Here’s the really good news: making online sales and marketing work for you – meaning, using basic search and linkbuilding principles to increase your sales and capitalize on ecommerce opportunities – doesn’t require you to have Nate Silver’s statistical prowess or Marissa Mayer’s rockin’ blog animations. Most of our clients have come to us knowing nothing about web design, analytics, or social media. Some of them still don’t – and yet, they’ve all seen their sales go up. That’s the beauty of JointSourcing. You run your business while we handle your sales and marketing – using the most appropriate tools at the most appropriate times. Or, you run your business while you learn how to manage those tools yourself. Either way, it works – because we’re as interested in increasing your sales as you are. Seriously. We won’t freak out on you.

~Diane Stresing

Sales Renewal’s insight:

Should you panic if you’re not using Tumblr to build your brand? No. You should keep calm and follow your sales and marketing plans. Now, if you don’t have a content marketing plan … well, don’t panic, but get right on it. We can help.

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