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Are you focused on increasing sales in Q3 2013?

We’ve recently conducted 3rd Quarter Planning Sessions with our clients. Pssst – when was the last time you made a quarterly marketing plan and followed it? In those meetings, they heard specific details about things we did during Q2 to improve SEO rankings, reach more qualified prospects at the beginning of the sales cycle, and […]

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JointSourcing and Time Savings and Team Building: 3 Things that Go Together

In the first quarter of this year, we (the Sales Renewal team) have spent more hours than we’d like to admit discussing our inner clockworks. How do we make decisions that affect the team…who decides…how do we decide which stories deserve full-length treatment and which end up on the cutting room floor. Stories? Agile groupies […]

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Show Your Stuff vs. Showcase Your Services

Among the responses to our post about REI’s “personalized commercials” was a very thoughtful reply from Marc Cica, Director of Advancement for the Shenango Valley Catholic School System in Hermitage, PA. Cica pointed out that video can be an ideal communication tool for non-profit organizations. When it’s done well, video can be personal, motivational, even […]

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JointSourcing in Action # 2: Sales Renewal’s Synergies & Cross Fertilization Kicks Up Client Sales

The Concord Flower Shop is doing very well in Concord MA, thank you very much. Sales Renewal has been helping The Concord Flower Shop grow its sales since 2009, and thanks to its ongoing optimizing of the e-commerce site, it now captures a large share of the business of prospects searching for florists who deliver […]

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Don’t Waste a Hook in 2013

If you’re in business, the holidays can be so hectic some important things get overlooked. We’d hate to start the New Year with an old lecture, so let’s just call this a friendly reminder about the value of customers. We’re sure you’ve seen quotes from legendary department store founder Marshall Field extolling the virtues of […]

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Nate Silver, Marketing’s Wake Up Call

We’re tempted to call it the Nate Silver effect: In the last few weeks a handful of industry watchers have suggested that what companies really need to succeed is a chief marketing technologist.It’s not a bad idea. Obviously, sales and marketing functions are increasingly dependent on technology. The technology choices available today are roughly double […]

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