6 T-U-R-K-E-Y Tips We’re Thankful for in Our Online Marketing, Analytics-Driven World

It’s time for our annual “what we’re thankful for” post, and this year, we’re serving up the main dish, T-U-R-K-E-Y. Got some turkeys of your own? Let us know about them in the comments below.

Happy Thanksgiving from Sales Renewal!

T is for the Tools we use every day: We love tools like Yext for efficient Local Marketing; Scoop.it for our traffic grabbing digital clipping service; Moz.com, ahrefs.com, Google Analytics and our own “SRA” (Sales Renewal Analytics) for monitoring, measuring and analyzing marketing performance and ROI.

U is for Understanding: that one of the central keys to success is the ability to communicate accurately and effectively. It’s a skill you never stop learning, never stop using. Here’s a smart way to think about your efforts to communicate that will help you in almost every situation. U is also for understanding the right way to go about hiring a marketing firm to help with your marketing. Here are five key questions to ask.

R is for making our sites Responsive: If you don’t know if yours is responsive (a.k.a. mobile-friendly), or if you don’t know what we mean, you can read more here.

K is for Keywords: Where would online marketing be without them? Of course, the days when the main goal was to rank #1 for a keyword have long gone. But keywords are still, well, key to our business – from developing content for a website to monitoring actions resulting from SEO efforts.

E is for Employees: Don’t go it alone! Working with a team can go a long way to lightening the work load when managing a blogging and social media program. It is also in keeping with the “social” part of social media and social networking. Here’s how a successful content marketing program begins with your employees.

Y is for Yes, you can have fun: At Sales Renewal, we lighten up our week with a different SalesMemes every Friday. Plenty of fun and banter goes into creating this series of humorous looks at ways to grow, and NOT grow, revenue, but there’s also a lot of thought involved to keeping them relevant and on-message. Subscribe to this blog to keep up with Huckster Hank, Bad Execution Bob, Smug Marketer Sam, Good Execution Erica, Trustworthy Tom, and Good Marketer Grace.

Sales Renewal’s insight:

It’s time for our annual “what we’re thankful for” post, and this year, we’re serving up the main dish, T-U-R-K-E-Y…

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