Do You Need a New Website to Generate More Sales?

Many of our clients came to us because they thought they needed a new website, but they didn’t. Often, we’re able to incorporate enhancements into an existing site, improving the handling of online sales, or add features that provide the customer with a better experience. In some cases, the website is beautiful – but no one can find it. When that’s the case, we help the client get found by prospects who are looking to buy, and convert those leads into sales.

If you’ve been thinking about improving your website, or are worried that it’s just not doing its job for you (its job, by the way, is to increase sales) – contact us to find out what we can do for you.

It’s true that we focus on sales and marketing, but sometimes we forget to mention that we’re really into the technology that make sales and marketing programs hum. Here’s a partial list of the behind-the-scenes stuff we do for our clients:

  • Analytics for clicks and calls
  • Application development
  • Blog design and construction
  • Customer Loyalty Systems
  • Database integration
  • Internet infrastructure: hosting, domain names, SSL
  • Online Product Designers/Configurators
  • Review & Testimonial systems
  • Social Media pages design and construction
  • Systems Integration
  • Website design and construction: Marketing, e-Commerce, Localized, Micro, Mobile, more
  • Website integration into Point-of-Sale and IT systems
  • Support & Maintenance for all of the above

How can we help you increase sales? Contact us to find out.

Sales Renewal’s insight:

You might not need a new website to get more sales online – maybe what you need is better SEO, a local sales campaign, or some enhancements to your e-commerce capabilities. We help our clients get what they need to get the sales they want.

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